View Full Version : FS: Poly Chris Apps Chanter - $150

Patrick McLaurin
10-10-09, 02:41 AM
Delrin Chris Apps chanter - Played 2 weeks, played in competition - Won all events entered - great chanter. Unmodified.

$150 ($180 new) - Paypal or cleared check. I pay shipping to lower 48, you pay shipping elsewhere. I'll include 1 Apps G3 reed too for free, if you want. Feel free to make me an offer too.

If you have something you would like to trade for it, let me know, I like trading.

Sound file of the chanter here [take note I didn't win the competition with the drone configuration in the sound file! :o) ]:

I just inherited my dad's piping stuff since piping is more frustrating than enjoyable for him now. I bought it new at the beginning of August 2009 since I didn't have a decent pipe chanter after giving my 'baby' to my wife for her to use. But, I've got one now that I prefer so I'm selling this one.

PM or email patrickmclaurin@yahoo.com