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Scarlet O'Hair
07-03-10, 10:51 PM
Hey all

Check out this link...lots of good advice here!


Mr. Woolery
10-03-10, 05:41 PM
Good stuff. My instructor told me when I was preparing to compete for the first time that she always stands so the judge is on her left, half-facing him. This came from years of trying different things and finding that such a position didn't blast a judge with the chanter, but gave a good view of the fingers. Also, with the judge to the left, he gets a good balance of drones and chanter.

My first competition, my instructor's students were the only ones in Grade 4 who took this position. We also took more than half the prizes in that grade on that day. However, I noticed that a similar position was common for the Grade 2 and Grade 1 pipers who were marching in place or just working the foot. I don't know if it has to do with when they learned or if it is something they picked up along the way.

Also, acknowledge the judge when you finish piping. When she started, the grades were not numbered (over 40 years ago) and the convention was to come to attention and salute the judge in a military fashion. What I settled on was to come to a civilian sort of attention, make eye contact, and give a respectful nod.

I'm sure not the most experienced competitor who will read this, but I wanted to share a couple of things that work for me. In fairness, I will note that there is only one games in Alaska each year. A plane ticket to Oregon or Washington and two nights in a hotel would cost me as much as another set of pipes, so I can't afford to go Outside to compete, therefore all my experience is with the one games that is 360 miles from my home. Next door, in Alaskan terms!