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12-03-10, 12:48 PM
1st request here. After being on sheepskin for 3 years, but not playing often enough to really get the benefit, I'm back on synthetic. Don't know the bag tpe, as I got it for nothing, but its synthetic within hide. Very easy to fit, and as soon as I blew the pipes, much more pleasurable experience.
I was obviously overdue a new bag.
To moisture control. - I've got the Ross system, again, a lot easier to fit than I thought. I used this before, but without the Chanter hose.

I have been told to half the amount of Litter in the box for the chanter, but so far, have just left it off, which brings me to the question. -

Hose on or off, how much litter, whats your experience of this?


Illustrated Piper
13-03-10, 05:08 PM
I guess it depends on whether you're a wet blower or not. We all use the canister system in the Argyll's. We fill the entire section, and before playing, run water through the litter. Blow out the excess water or your reed wii be soaked. This process seems to stabilize the reed. Sounds wierd, but works very well.

13-03-10, 08:33 PM
I haven't used the chanter tube in several years, but have it connected to the blowstock to divert direct airflow to the back of the bag. Seems to work well for me, keeps the chanter reed with just enough moisture, and drones verry dry. Have also swapped out the KL for dryer beads(3/16 diam) and hardly ever have to dry them out.


16-03-10, 08:05 AM
I depends on how wet you blow and, if you are in a band, what the rest of the band's strategy is. By varying the amount of drying medium in the cannister you can alter the moisture on the reed. Too little and the reed will flaten as it gets wet, too much and it will sharpen over blowing time. The perfect solution is to vary as with the rest of the band. So if they generally flatten you'd want little or none or could leave the hose off all together. For solo pipers it is entirely up to you, just experiment and you will find the best for your strategy.

01-06-11, 06:40 AM
I am using the Ross Suede bag and cannister moisture control system, as well as a tube watertrap, and no tube on the chanter. To mitigate any dust from the cannister, I inserted filters cut from green kitchen "scrubbies." I am thinking about adding a Moose blowpipe stock valve and in-line drone valves.

01-06-11, 08:09 AM
Have a look at the new Ross hoses with built in valves- never tried them, but have tried in line valves in the past, and the trouble is that they make the system too darn long tp properly fit in the bag!!!

I use a medium bag(as i am an average person), and i anticipate so do most others- so i think Ross may have introduced these new hoses to combat this problem.

my 2 cents is all.

01-06-11, 12:37 PM
I use the Ross suede bag with a McGillivray water tube and a moose valve. Have no issues with excess water at all.