View Full Version : New from McCallum and Check Out These Prices

Gord MacDonald
24-03-10, 04:24 PM
We have poly McCallum pipes at a great price -


Also, here are some pictures of the latest McCallum trends.

New imitation ivory projecting mounts have a real ivory tone and are made of a more durable chip resistant material.

Aluminum alloy ferrules, slides and ringcaps which will require less polishing.

Have a look here -

AB2 Deluxe - http://www.islandbagpipe.com/store/p...products_id=34

P2 - http://www.islandbagpipe.com/store/p...products_id=28

P4 Celtic - http://www.islandbagpipe.com/store/p...products_id=31

More pictures here -


All sets are in stock.

Also new arrivals this week, McCallum PC2 and PC4 practice chanters, Walsh A-2000 smallpipes, Steve Warnock's Keltic White wrapped chanter reeds.

Best Regards,