View Full Version : Green For 'Go' On New TyFry Platinums

Scott Currie Percussion
15-06-10, 06:40 PM
http://www.scottcurrie-percussion.com/images/news/2010/tyfryglasgowgreenadvert.jpg (http://www.scottcurrie-percussion.com/onlineshop_tenormallets.htm#TyFry_Platinum_Tenor_D rum_Mallets_(Green))

Scott Currie Percussion (http://www.scottcurrie-percussion.com/) will be shipping the new 'Glasgow Green' TyFry Platinum tenor drum mallets (http://www.scottcurrie-percussion.com/onlineshop_tenormallets.htm#TyFry_Platinum_Tenor_D rum_Mallets_(Green)) early next week.

Pre-order customers will be pleased to hear their orders will receive priority treatment and will be the first to be packaged and shipped out. Make sure to get your hands on this summer's hottest property for tenor drummers, order now from our online shop (http://www.scottcurrie-percussion.com/onlineshop.htm) at our fantastic summer sale price of 32.99.

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