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Barr 1 Highland Supply
08-07-10, 12:57 AM
New fresh products at Barr 1 Highland Supply (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/home.html)!

1) Scantily Plaid (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7433473/8057082.htm) - This One's For You - (Bob Worrall's new CD Released June 4th) NEW & ON SALE!

2) Ty Fry Platinum Tenor Sticks (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7383383/7781432.htm) - Many Colors to Choose From

3) Tunetape (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7387064/7914269.htm) - ON SALE!

4) Ghilillators (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7424968/7925548.htm) - NEW!

5) HBT1 Tuners (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7395185/7781730.htm) - NEW & ON SALE!

6) Gannaway Hide Bags (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7389916/7719168.htm) - ON SALE!

Spend $100.00 or more in the month of July and receive a FREE Barr 1 Highland Supply T Shirt (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/catalog/item/7567045/7985680.htm)!! (while supplies last)

We've now added a "Monthly Special" section to our website. Be sure to check us out @ www.barr1highlandsupply.com (http://www.barr1highlandsupply.com/home.html)

Chris Barr

08-07-10, 04:09 AM
Scantily Plaid. :rotf: