View Full Version : Identification guide for pipes?

07-08-10, 02:29 AM
I've got an old set of pipes with no markings on them to identify the manufacturer and I am clueless regarding posting pictures into a thread. Are there any web sites out there that may help in this regard by posting pictures of different styles and manufacturers of pipes.

Scarlet O'Hair
07-08-10, 02:34 AM
Try The Bagpipe Place by Ringo Bowen....he has a museum area. You could also send him photies via his email.

Actually, it would be fun if you posted photos of them here as well to let us have a go!

07-08-10, 03:37 AM
Thanks Scarlet, I could get lost in that museum for a week. I will try to post some pictures but I am having trouble figuring out how to do it. If I had to guess I would say Henderson or Lawrie.
I could e-mail the pics to someone if they know how to insert them into a thread.

Scarlet O'Hair
07-08-10, 03:19 PM

When you are replying to a post, before you hit "submit reply" scroll down a bit until you find the "manage attachments" button...follow the directions there and you will be a picture posting pro in no time! If you need further help let us know and we'll get you sorted!

08-08-10, 01:23 AM
Thanks Scarlet,
I am guessing that I have not posted enough to turn on that function. I'm leaving tomorrow for a vacation with my family and we will end up on the weekend in Fergus. I'll take the pipes with us and see if anybody up there recognizes them. I'll let you know the results.