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07-08-10, 07:57 PM


Hi Folks,

Just starting up in business to bring my dad's invention to the market. He is now retired from piping, but the pipe bag slipping underarm was his pet hate so he set out to solve the problem... and succeeded.

During his career my dad played an old set of Henderson Bagpipes. After a full day at a pipe band championship the weight of the pipes was more than obvious. He used to roughly pin the pipes to his band uniform and found it helped. Other pipers were using surgical patches and velcro tape to prevent slippage. The idea developed from this point.

After numerous trials and various exotic designs over a lengthy period, the simplist idea turned out to be the best.

The Bagpipe Harness had arrived.

My name is Colin and I've set up http://www.bagpipeharness.com. I hope you all find it interesting and if you've any questions please feel free to get in touch.

All the best