View Full Version : New Bagpipe Harness Launched

26-01-11, 08:33 PM

Pleased to announce that we have redesigned the Bagpipe Harness. We call the new design the Crossback, it removes the need to be clipped to a clothing waistband and also improves the levels of comfort and support.

Feedback so far suggests we are right in our thoughts that it is a big improvement over the original.

Lots more info at the site...


Any questions, please just contact us.


04-03-11, 08:04 PM
I lovelovelove the new design. It is so comfortable and helpful!
Having had shoulder surgery earlier this year, I cannot shrug my pipes back up when they slip between tunes or during long practices. This harness keeps them in exactly the right place and doesn't allow ANY slippage.
I am 100% sure that the Bagpipe Harness is why I have been back to piping so soon after surgery.
Love it!