View Full Version : Offworld 'Outlander' practice pad

04-11-11, 11:47 PM
I know a few people on here have been asking about Offworlds V3 practice pad and I have had a few PMs about it, well it seems Offworld have developed a drum pad targeted towards the pipe band drumming world.

The 'Outlander' pad.http://www.offworldpercussion.com/OUTLANDER_files/IMG_1604-filtered.png


Tim Garren
08-12-11, 08:47 AM
I took your advice and went with the offworld v3. It fells almost just like the drum. Can't get enough of it.

Daz Gregory
08-12-11, 11:24 AM
Almost ordered one till I realised I would have to shell out nearly 50 quid for the pad and packaging from the US....bit too step for an indulgence! Does anyone know of a UK supplier?

08-12-11, 08:35 PM
Beat street sell the invader v3 but it's not on their website, you have to email them. I bought my v3 from the US and it's one of the best buys yet in drumming, worth it I thought as I do not get on the drum much due to having a 13 month old son and work etc.

A good cure for 'pad hands.