View Full Version : Redwood Reeds

15-02-12, 09:02 PM
Anyone ever try them? Are they any good? Saw them for the first time today. Decent price, but didn't have a set of pipes to try them with. Interesting idea. Is it worth the $105 Cdn to try them?

Patrick McLaurin
16-02-12, 05:04 AM
I tried them and they were alright. Tenors are good, bass is, uh, not so much. Might or might not be an upgrade from what you already have. Like Cannings, the bodies absorb a little moisture and so the tuning can change a little as they take on moisture, which I find irritating when there are great reeds like Kinnards and Rockets which don't do that and hold pitch like no other. Curious, what do ya play pipe and reed wise now?

16-02-12, 12:43 PM
I've got Kinnards in my good set of pipes, but my old set of pipes are about to be lent out, and the Ezee Drone Reeds in that set have been drug all over the world and have seen better days. I don't mind fixing them up before I lend them out, so long as on going maintenance is handled and they are returned working as well.

The shop I was in didn't have Kinnards, so I checked out what they did have. Saw the Redwoods, and didn't know anything about them. No sense buying something blind, so I asked. Doesn't sound like the best choice for this situation. The guy I'm lending the pipes to hasn't played since he was a kid. Likely always had his pipes tuned for him. If these reeds have tuning issues, not a good fit.

Thanks very much for the response. Saved me a few bucks there.

Oh, and I play Naill Pipes.