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14-05-12, 12:21 AM
I hope I posted this in the right room.....

I'm about to buy my first ever own personal Kilt. One of the questions on the order form asks what Pleat Style I would like.
After giving this much thought, I came to the decision that I have no clue what a "Pleat Style" is, let alone choosing which one to get.
Can anyone try and explain this in layman's terms (me not so smart when it comes to fashion).
Anyways, if anyone can offer any insight and/or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
The Tartan is "Black Stewart (Modern)", and the choices for Pleat style are:
None (Solid colour fabric), Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Sett, White, Yellow.


14-05-12, 12:47 AM
Take a look as other peoples bottoms, well their kilt anyway. Does it look like the tartan pattern or does it have dominate stripes across the butt. Decide which one you like best.
If you like the stripes , then it's stitched to the stripe. If you want it to look like the front then it's pleated to the sett.
You can get all sorts of actual pleats. The most common are box pleats (they're wider) or knife pleats (which is what we usually have in our band kilts) so you'll probably want knife pleats as it's what you're use to and it looks less like a school uniform.
Take a look at this site http://www.karen.htmlcreators.com/ancientkiltmaking.html She explains it fairly simply. There's a section on Kilt Pleats.
BTW I'm no expert so if a kilt maker (of good reputation) tell you I'm wrong...believe them not me :bg:

ps a lot of sites will show a picture of how each set and pleat looks. Google around for a look then go back to the site your ordering from LOL

14-05-12, 02:46 AM
I just emailed to place for more explanation.....thanks for that info!

14-05-12, 12:00 PM
Set to sett is the most common for civilian kilts, while set to stripe is dominant in military kilts. Either way, it comes down to what you prefer. Try to see a picture of your tartan done both ways. Not all tartans will even look right set to stripe.

As to pleat, knife is the norm for men's kilts. I've never acrually seen a men's kilt done in box, although I have seen highland skirts done that way. Even the dancers have knife pleats. Price wise I believe they cost about the same.

14-05-12, 04:55 PM
Thing about the box pleats, is, Whilst I think they look smarter, they crush easier, and are harder to keep smart. New RRS all have boxed pleats, which is great if you're part of the rank and file, and only wear the kilt now and then. Makes it harder for pipers, who wear them much more often

26-05-12, 10:33 AM
the pattern either going all the way round or stopping at the pleats,pleats then being stitch with one of the bold or subtle vertical lines from the front box pattern,this can make a big different to how the overall colour will look,especially when your walking.From a personal point i prefer the pleats lined rather than the box all the way round.