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16-11-06, 03:01 PM
Hi all,
Looking for some recipes for treats such as cookies, muffins, tarts. Nothing TOO difficult, as I'm getting back to the domestic side...lol
Wondered what fave treats the guys here have as well?

16-11-06, 03:52 PM
cookies: gingersnaps, chocolate oatmeal, oatmeal raisin, molasses (sp?), shortbread

pies: apple, apple, apple, lemon, raspberry

cakes: chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, chocolate glazed lemon cheesecake, carrot walnut cake with cream cheese icing, did I say chocolate yet?:yeah:

Pete Walen
16-11-06, 04:03 PM

16-11-06, 06:07 PM
Meat...don't think that would do good in a cookie. lol
Thanks both!!!

16-11-06, 06:11 PM
I like making my own drop scones, nothing fancy but they're lovely when they're still warm dripping in butter and jam.

Flour 8oz
Milk 1/2 pint (I think)
Egg 1 big
Cream of tartar 1/2 tsp
Baking soda 1/2 tsp
salt some
Sugar 1oz

P.S These aren't baked, sorry

Pete Walen
16-11-06, 06:28 PM
Meat...don't think that would do good in a cookie. lol
Thanks both!!!

You asked for treats. Meat is my favorite food. Ask my grandson...

Not sweet enough?

Put a couple of slices of pineapple on ham...
Put a generous dollop of grape jam on ribs...


Then hack off a bit and put it on a cracker...

Carnivours are Us. :bg:

16-11-06, 07:12 PM
Can't wait to have a beer with you sometime Pete! You think like I do!

As for cookies and what not--anything with peanut butter and/or oatmeal.

My wife makes an oatmeal cake that will knock your socks off and fold 'em for you too!

Chocolate covered peanut butter balls are always good. Oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter fudge, etc.

Notice a trend? :beer:

16-11-06, 07:18 PM
Chocolate cake only instead of using flour, you grind up almonds and use that as flour.

Also, depends on the man and his taste buds.

My guy loves anything Mexican or Chinese flavored.

Anything following single malt.

16-11-06, 07:21 PM
Tartaniac, I'm with you - Single Malt, Chocolate and Chillies - the perfect cookie combination perhaps???:mlf:

Dai Robb
16-11-06, 07:44 PM
I am very fortunate here, in that my Wife is an ex Chef at what was one of the top restaurants in the Midlands many years ago?, She can make meals that add inches to the waistline just looking at them, and her Cakes, etc are astounding? just look at my photos? you will see what I mean.
What particular Cookies etc are you looking for Carla? I will ask her nibs for some recipes for you?, although she has most of them in her head

16-11-06, 07:51 PM
yummmmmmm......peanut butter cookies....grglgrglgrg:goodidea:

chocolate fudge

peanut brittle

16-11-06, 08:27 PM
Dai, Your other half seems like my sort of woman. :wink:

16-11-06, 10:09 PM
cookies: peanut butter, butterscotch, white chocolate chip, chocolate chip, chocolate chip caramel, toffee chip (you can get diff flavoured chips in packs called "chip-it" from the grocery store), Skor cookies (break up skor bar and put that in), basically anything chocolately or caramel or something, cinnamon cookies

pies: SKOR pie (ask kait for recipe, its the best thing EVER), lemon meringue, key lime, cherry, peanut butter chocolate pie (like a chocolate cream pie but add peanut butter... and don't eat it right out of the oven or it will burn you.. peanut butter gets HOT), mince meat pies, apple cinnamon, etc

cake: chocolate mousse, lemon, cherry filling, cinnamon, double chocolate (white and brown chocolate), and all the others.

tart: strawberry, lemon, apple

danish: chocolate, caramel, apple cinnamon, lemon, cherry, cheese

croissant: chocolate filled, caramel filled, strawberry, (any type of berry), apple

oh dear i have sooo many more favourites.

17-11-06, 09:24 AM
If i ate that lot I would be even bigger than I am and will roll on parade not march:faint:

17-11-06, 11:38 AM

cookie: white chocolate Macademia nut, or my school's cafeteria's FRESH chocolate chip cookies baked 3 times a day. and they also sell the cookie dough. I also like sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, lassy mogs, cinnamon cookies, coffee breaks, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal, raisin, M&M or Smartie cookies......................I LOVE COOKIES!

Pies: skor, apple, key lime, cheesecake, lemon mirangue, mince pies, apple cinnamon, cherry.....NO chocolate for me please.

Cakes (OOOOH MAN I LOVE THE CAKE! - little britain): ICE CREAM CAKE, oreo, vanilla, angel food cake, WHITE chocolate and vanilla....CHRISTMAS cake when my gran thinks the batter is too dry so she adds an extra cup of whiskey into it...

Tart: butter, apple, strawberry, lemon

Danish: Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple cheese, cherry cheese, apple cinnamon....

Croissant: chocolate

Who likes Sherry Trifle?

17-11-06, 12:02 PM
I make a fabulous sherry trifle(if I say so myself). I cook in our local pub/coffee house/bistro (on my days off from my full time job) and it always goes down a storm.

17-11-06, 12:26 PM
i only like the trifle my gran makes cause she puts pretty much the entire bottle of sherry in it :bg:

17-11-06, 01:13 PM
The only way to do it. Honest officer I've only eaten cake!!:troll:

29-12-06, 03:31 PM
I have never baked them myself but my friend adds a wee bit of whisky to her shortbread recipe, it's lovely!! Don't know about you but I think I'm definatly going to trying baking some, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!:goodidea: ?:wine::irishman:

29-12-06, 05:11 PM

i second that, meat is the way to a man's heart

Pete Walen
29-12-06, 06:37 PM
Quite right, Matt. The grandson is over for the weekend.

Breakfast tomorrow will be sausage and bacon. Maybe some toast.

An egg for the lady wife.

11-02-07, 12:45 PM
Hey Grace, here's a healthy choice muffin, my husbands favourite (believe it or not) and approved by our Dietitian.

1 & half cups oats , put thru food processor to make like flour
1 cup of self raising flour
Couple of tablespoon of light olive oil
A dash of vanilla essence
1 or 2 eggs (take your pick)
And as much skim milk as required for consistency

The mix is fairly gluggy uncooked.
Place in muffin tray and cook

A heart healthy option. But here's the really good bit, my husband takes these healthy muffins and adds lashings of butter (unless I catch him) or you can serve with yogurt.
BUT if the kids don't like them, you just give them a couple and a baseball bat and send them outside to play. I guarantee this muffins will bounce for hours LOL, but they're healthy