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Dundee Piper
14-03-06, 08:55 AM
Hi Guys,
For those of you who actually read my posts :devil: the book is being sent to the printers today.......All proofing is done, all tunes have been checkecd thorughly (SP) and the time is coming to the launch date. If Bobby can get in touch with his number of orders & the rest of u can do the same, i would much appreciate it.....okay then now.:bg:

off to the printers....

All books ordered from myself or Bobby, (when he gets them) will be personally signed, by myself.


14-03-06, 02:55 PM
Awesone !

I'll email you later this week Dave. I'm looking forward to receiving them.



16-03-06, 09:08 PM
Yes David well done my friend..........indeed I can recall not so long ago this was but a mear idea in yer head. Now mabey a year later 'n after a lot of setbacks it's finaly done. My pint 'n hat are raised da ya mucker WELL DONE.

17-03-06, 02:45 AM
I'll second that. Well done mate.....it's a great accomplishment. :bc:

17-03-06, 10:29 AM
Aye..I'll third it mate...power to yer chanter indeed!!!

23-04-06, 10:34 AM
any update on the book?.

Dundee Piper
10-05-06, 09:39 PM
i apologise to all who have had to wait on this announcment.

tomorrow (11/05/06) the proof will be run off at the printers, i will then be called down to check it. then...................the printing starts.

hopefully they could be ready within 7 days.

:woohoo: Need I Say More?

Dai Robb
10-05-06, 10:11 PM
Many many congratulations david, I know roughly what you have gone through to get this book printed ,I hope, nay, I am sure it will be an enormous success

10-05-06, 10:51 PM
Same from me m8, "POWER TO YER PRINTER" :woohoo: :woohoo: :wink: :red: