View Full Version : Snow Day in California

18-01-07, 08:45 PM
There have been disparaging remarks about a "cold" day in California.
Well, since California is such a large place of varying altitudes and climates
there are MANY "cold" deeply snowy, below zip locales.
Thankfully, I don't have to march in parades in those areas.
Good thing because we are not geared for it.

Southern California is a beast of its own.
John, have you ever seen the Tartan Bikini Pipe Band?
Me neither.

Regaredless, my mother, who resides in Southern California and THANKFULLY is not part of the Tartan Bikini Pipe Band, called to say it is snowing in MALIBU. Yep, Beach Blanket Bingo and Gidget country.

This is rare for Malibu.
Cold in Southern California means bundle up, we're dipping below 68'.

REGARDLESS: yesterday, it was snowing in Malibu.
Perhaps the Govinator of Caleeforrrneeya has declared an emergency.