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17-03-07, 02:39 AM
I came across two dirks for sale.

1. An officers dirk with fork and spoon and all have red garnet stones. Everything is fake including silver, wood and stones. No belt but priced at $69CAN. Looks new.

2. Plain dirk with what I think is real silver and blackwood. No stones. No belt but priced at $129 CAN. This one shows some wear.

Neither are on ebay. I saw both in person at the same store. Didn't ask alot of questions other than above. I attached pictures of similar dirks below but don't have actual pics.

Anyone think either or both are a good deal?

Dai Robb
17-03-07, 04:26 PM
I cant speak for what is available over with you JJ, but I would say they are a wee bit costly I have seen better quality on E Bay. IM HO

Piper of Rose
17-03-07, 05:01 PM
First one is the plastic handle. Up close not a great looking dirk. Hard to buy on line. I would want to see them first.

20-03-07, 05:22 PM
Both are poor quality copies of the real thing. Officer's dirk is all plastic and white metal. Second one is definitely from Pakistan, doubtful that it's silver.
I've seen hundreds like them on EBay.

20-03-07, 06:20 PM
This is a site that I used to look at a few years ago, they used to sell ex military dirks in different conditions and prices depending on the state they were in.


I am reasonably confident that is the site I used to visit as it is based in the same small UK village that I remembered although in the past there seemed to be much more ex military equipment.

I always wanted one of the dirks but in the end started to make my own from a WW1 bayonet & scabbard (covered in leather) plus a stag horn handle. This remains very much an unfinished project!

PS Site does not seem to be working for me at this time!!

20-03-07, 06:44 PM
The dirk listed on that site is a replica. Plastic handle etc...made in Pakistan.

20-03-07, 07:26 PM
The dirk listed on that site is a replica. Plastic handle etc...made in Pakistan.

Thanks Bobby, I did wonder!

That may not be the correct site, I don't have the original bookmark and arrived at that site using google. The company I was looking for was certainly based in the village of Eccleshall the same as that website. Eccleshall was well known in the UK for its armament connections with the military.

The site I remember had a lot of genuine WW1 & WW2 issue equipment.

There is a good military supplier based in London called 'Silvermans' but I have checked out their site and could not see any Scottish material.

Thanks again


More digging obviously required!

Piper Mac
20-03-07, 09:11 PM
The dirk on the right, without the fork and spoon looks exactly like the ones my band got a few years back and thankfully no longer use. I think we paid about $65.00 or less for them. The metal hanger in the back is very thin and narrow and a good leather frog will not fit thru it to conect onto your belt. The frog that comes on them is of very thin and poor quality leather.
Probably worth the price we paid but in no ways compare to a quality dirk. The sheath did not fit the blade well and the dirk would fall out without much help......

21-03-07, 07:28 AM
here's a couple of sites that often have a good selection of ex-military kit for sale : -



Silvermans used to sell some ex Scottish military stuff...but a lot of it was in weird sizes and it mainly included trews / kilts / torn glengarries etc !

21-03-07, 07:20 PM
Jeeze, I thought it said Drinks fer sale.:Ceith: :Ceith: :Ceith: :Ceith: :Ceith:

23-03-07, 02:35 PM
Aye you would wouldnt ye! :rotf: