View Full Version : Cork Radio Competition

Heilan Mary
04-04-06, 11:47 AM
Found this extremly funny.

Dai Robb
04-04-06, 12:10 PM
Brilliant Stuff Mary, and where else could it happen??, by the way, dont you think that Dave and Jeff sounded just like someone else we both know?? LMAO

Heilan Mary
04-04-06, 12:16 PM
Yes Dai they do indeed. lmao :wee:

04-04-06, 01:18 PM
That's hilarious! :)

04-04-06, 09:08 PM
Yes Dai they do indeed. lmao :wee:

Oh aye,...........'n who would that be then?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????

04-04-06, 11:39 PM
Gee, Red.... who might that have been? What have you and Dai been up to on your trips to the pub of late? At least you're keeping him away from the sheep.