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Dai Robb
12-04-06, 05:53 PM
Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the woods one day, when she spies the wolf crouching down behind a bush. Thinking it would be a laugh and a bit of a change, to sneak up on him for once, she creeps over and taps him on the shoulder.
"My Mister Wolf" she says with a smirk, "what big eyes you have, dont you want to play"?
"leave me alone the wolf cries" and runs off,Riding Hood trails him for a way, and finds him behind a large Oak tree.
"My Mister Wolf, what big ears you have,Dont you want to play"?
"For gods sake, please leave me alone" the beast howls and runs off into the woods. Riding Hood strides out after him, and discovers him in a patch of stinging nettles.
"My Mister Wolf, what big teeth you have, Dont you want to play"?
"for Christ's sake leave me alone" the wolf barks in fury
I'm trying to have a S***

13-04-06, 03:35 AM
Ba ha ha ha :bg:
Nice Dai!:pint: