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13-07-07, 05:07 PM
SO what kind of jokes have you played on new band members coming in for the 1st time. When I first started piping in a band, one of the first practices where I was actually playing pipes, something started going wrong with my chanter sound. The PM at the time was giving me this really weird look like "What the hell is going on with you?".....I excused myself and went inside to try and see if I could figure out what was going on. After a few minutes, I noticed I could not see through my chanter once I removed the reed. OOOOOKKKKKKKK, some smart ass (pipefuss :whistle: ) put a drone cork in the bottom of my chanter !!!!!! :gah: :gah: :gah: Not sure when it happened, but it sure made an awfull sound and would not tune properly at all. Emabrrasing to say the least but several people had a good laugh from it.

Thats my story, whats yours ???

Dai Robb
13-07-07, 05:20 PM
Mine is a simple one, but as a raw youngster I could have crawled into the nearest hole.
I had just been told I was in the Band after some m onths working my butt off, Practise was on Thursday nights in the school hall, I received a message that afternoon saying it was a full dress rehearshal, bulled Ghillies the lot, we had white cross belts in those days (Dunoon Academy) I dashed home from school and started frantically blancoeing my belts and polishing my shoes, I turned up at the Hall although I say it myself looking the bees knees, to find everyone else lined up in yep you guessed it, casual wear? seems I passed the test, cause I burst out laughing? (they could not hear what i was saying under my breath)

DM Bill
13-07-07, 05:42 PM
I was just mentioning a joke that was pulled on a friend... His tenor mallets were dipped half-way into coffee or something, so when he picked them up and started to flourish, the liquid went everywhere with spectacular effect.

13-07-07, 05:45 PM
Yea Bill, thats what got me thinkin.....you really started this thread in a way...pretty funny stuff.

13-07-07, 05:50 PM
Taping up their low G hole always raises a chuckle.

13-07-07, 06:33 PM
We usualy have one of the tenr drummers get as close as possible to the piper in the back row and gently tap the drones on his pipe with the tenor mallet. In most the piper doesn't feel a thing and can't figure out why his drones have suddenly turned off.:rotf:

13-07-07, 09:28 PM
well there are two pipers who are THE BEST pipers for dancers here. and they are also very good friends of mine, and in turn, very good friend with each other. For the Canadian Interprovincial Championships (Highland Dancing) a few years ago at Brock University, these two were hired to my delight. Interprov is a very stressful, hardcore, serious competition for all the dancers (except me) so the pipers wanted to lighten it up a bit for themselves and for my entertainment. They pulled practical jokes on eachother all day such as taping the low G and turning off eachothers drones, etc. The funniest one of all happened when Glen was piping and Sean was having his break. The platform was raised about 5 feet off the ground with stairs going up to it from behind, and glen was playing on stage. One of the reasons dancers love him is because he taps his foot very loudly and the consistancy of that tempo helps for a better feel of the dance. Anyway, as glen was tapping away on stage, sean walked underneith the stage directly under glen and with his fist, tapped the off beat on the bottem of the stage. Glen was sooo confused at first, but he had to try not to laugh, and tap even louder as not to confuse the dancers. I thought it was genious!

Dai Robb
13-07-07, 10:02 PM
Ah but not all Dancers are as clever and talented as you Cindy

(Oops does that sound like a biased Grandad LOL)

Piper of Rose
16-07-07, 09:31 PM
Tape up the devil holes(or sound holes) The sound is hilarious. Or just walk behind someone tuning and tap off a drone then quickly walk off. They will check their drones and strike back up. Then do it again.

I once told a new person to the band on their first performance they had to wear their kilt backwards and Glen sideways like a pirate. This was everyones initiation to the band. She almost believed me.

Dai Robb
16-07-07, 09:38 PM
You are cruel POR

16-07-07, 09:47 PM
At a recent gig one of our band members was warming up, another one came up behind him and shut off his drones about the time he came in with the chanter. This went on for about 3 or 4 times. The poor piper was getting very upset and when he opened up his drones to check for the second time he noticed a bunch of us laughing and saw who was behind him. :rotf:

He still gets asked if his drones are cutting out. :rotf:

16-07-07, 10:59 PM
I have no wish to implicate myself. Whatever happened to me also happened to the next new member!!!

:dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

:gah: :gah:


16-07-07, 11:30 PM
walking through Stirling one day with my pal I err !!forgot to tell him his pleats at the rear of his kilt were stuck in his waist belt
More than his cheeks were scarlet!!

17-07-07, 07:35 AM
for sure Robbie especially Saturday nights

24-07-07, 10:46 AM
When having a get together.:mitch:

Place empty beer cans or some other item into two rows (about person width and as long as a man). Tell everyone that the games is to walk over the cans (feet on the outside) and not touch a can. Tell them after each pass the can look and see them moved out a couple in inches further and be led over them again. This will happen until they can longer walk over them with out knocking a can. The Winner is who can get the widest --- Yea Right.

Get a lady in a dress to do it first.

See the seen ---- Lady in dress blindfolded being led walking over two rows of cans

When she gets to the other end and as she is being turned around ----
a man quickly and quietly lays down between the cans.

The blind fold is removed and stay tuned for the lady getting a shock.:kait: :kait: :kait:

24-07-07, 10:54 AM
This one takes a little setting up. :tommy: :tommy:

Video the toilet from above the door for about 20min. You then have video of empty toilet.

On party night place a video camera above the toilet so it can be seen.

If asked tell anyone who asks that it is set up there and turned on when you are out (not on now) - so if anyone breaks in you have them on film and because it is a small room that most housebreakers will enter and not see the camera --- Sounds possiable.

Now comes then trick ---- When a lady goes the 20 min video of the toilet is put in the video player --- and everyone sits around watching the empty toilet video..... :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

When the lady comes back from the toilet ----- Everyone Cheers and Laughs..

Oh Embarresment big time....................

Dai Robb
24-07-07, 10:55 AM
I would not like to be the guy lying down,?, if my wife was the woman, I would be suffering for weeks afterwards, With tears in my eyes? (Say no more)