View Full Version : Hygene is paramount

Dai Robb
18-04-06, 05:37 PM
On being seated at a restaurant table, a gentleman becomes embarassed when he knocks the spoon off with his elbow. A nearby waiter calmly picks it up and produces a shiny spoon from his pocket, which he places on the table.
Suitably impressed, the diner enquires, "Do all waiters carry spare spoons in their pockets"
The Waiter replies, "indeed sir, it is in fact company policy,ever since our efficiency expert determined that 17.8 % of our clients knock the spoon off the table. By carring a spare spoon on our person, we save on trips to the Kitchen,"
After the gentleman has finished his meal and paid the bill, he wanders over rto the same waiter and says to him, "You will of course, forgive me, but do you know you have a piece of string hanging from your fly"?
"Indeed sir" the waiter begins, "our efficiency expert determined that we were spending too much time washing our hands after going to the toilet, Thus by attaching this piece of string to my Penis, I avoind touching myself, I go, and then I return to work, It save so much time.
"but how do you put it back in your trousers"? asks the Gentleman
"Well sir" I cannot speak for the rest of the Staff, but I just use the Spoon"