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20-04-06, 10:17 PM
Apologies to all,,,..Im posting this everywhere!!
Edmonton....anyone on these here boards live near there??? Ive got a relative who is buried in Edmonton Protestant Cemetery ( altho he was a presbyterian!!! but I think it was used for a military cemetery.

His name was Thomas Patterson Gray and was born in 1887 in MacDuff, Aberdeenshire. He emigrated to Canada before the Great war and volunteered for The Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 aged 26 in Calgary. He joined the Service Corps as his job is listed as Fireman, his father was a fireman in MacDuff, Scotland! He would have had a good knowledge of horses and mechanical equipment etc. He is described as fair complexioned blue eyes and 5 ft 7in tall!!

He saw through the war but died of complications from wounds in 1919 ( we think he was gassed ) Pneumonia is the cause of death. He was buried in Edmonton Cemetery.

If anyone lives near there....could they please get in touch via pm or on here?? Just really wanted a photo of the grave and maybe of the firestation if its still standing...altho not sure if he was a fireman there or in Alberta or Calgary!!!

Im also visiting the battlefields...Vimy Ridge...St Julien and also Senlis cemetery where my other relative is buried Sgt George Lamb of the 1/5 Gordon Highlanders. Im planning on playing some tunes for them of course..Im ok on tunes to play for Sgt Lamb..but I cant find any relevant tunes for Thomas......any tunes about the CEF or the battles they were in??

Any help very much appreciated!!!

20-04-06, 10:35 PM
Doogie, I've made several visits to the Somme Battlefields 36th Ulster Division Cemeteries. The tune I play which is fitting for all occasions ( I feel ) is The Flowers Of The Forest.

Marching in the remembrance party to either The Battle of the Some or The Rose( South Belfast Battalion U.V.F Battalion march )

Maybe you could do a search 'n see if there are any marches applicable to your requirements.

Doogie, try South Belfast Friends of the Somme website, there are a lot of different links which could lead you to something. There are people from all over the world on this site, maybe just maybe someone could be of assistance or point you in the right direction.

Good luck m8.

20-04-06, 10:36 PM
Thanks a lot Red.....much obliged I'll have a look!!

20-04-06, 10:45 PM
Yer welcome pal, I know fer a fact they have been able to find/ locate graves for prople in the past. Certain deatails are required though, I think there is a person to contact via the website regarding finding the graves. E-Mail him 'n see what he can do. Tell him Iain the piper put you on to him, I think it's E. Bittles (the admin guy).

Glad to help m8.

20-04-06, 10:50 PM
Im going on an arranged tour mate....the guy thats taking us knows more about my people then we ever have!!! I just need to know the tunes..Im obviously going to play Battle of the Somme..I just cant believe that theres no tunes commemerating The Canadian Expeditionary force or about St Julien or Vimy Ridge!!! Theres got to be a tune out there!! Failing that..I'll write mesel' a nice 3/4!!

20-04-06, 11:55 PM
I agree with Iain... :)
Sounds like you are going to be visiting some amazing places.
When I travelled to Scotland, I wanted to try and find some family information. I knew that family was burried in a church graveyard around Wick and spent the day walking through the Wick Baptist cemetary (my family was Baptist back then)...later that afternoon, I happened into the Wick Public Library and mentioned what I was doing to a Librarian. She sent me up to the historical files and they brought out books of the cemetaries in the area...ALL of them with lists of ALL the names on the headstones! Fabulous, as I found out that the church I was looking for was in Canisbay. :)
Good luck finding the tunes! :) There's GOT to be something out there.

21-04-06, 10:44 AM

Our band used to play Longueval, not aware of history of the tune but it is named after an area of the Somme. There is also the pipers memorial at Longueval http://www.webmatters.net/france/ww1_longueval_p7.htm. (I have been to Vimy Ridge, a very moving place, but not the pipers memorial)

21-04-06, 02:17 PM
That is an excellent link you provided there. Looking through the various pages brings back a lot of sombre but very proud memories.

Having noticed on the 36th Ulster Divisions page a little reminder NOT TO TOUCH anything you find. LOL, Aye right, what did we do?.................yip souvenir hunt. Got some great things from Thiepval Woods.

Seriously though it is good advice, parts of the woods are still cordoned off due to unexploded German munitions.

Looking back over archive movies 'n reading various literature it's hard......no, impossible to even try to imagine the battlefields back then 'n the carnage suffered by all involved in the great war.


21-04-06, 02:52 PM
Doesnt matter how many books you read or how many films or documentaries you watch.....to imagine being there.....It will be very special for me and my Dad to visit these places..only hope I dont start blubbing...but Im sure I will!!

Dai Robb
21-04-06, 03:44 PM
Having been there also Doogie, and I dont mind admitting "Greetin" you will not be alone my friend I can tell you, it brings it all home, just what happened out there