View Full Version : Canning Reeds allen key

Scarlet O'Hair
04-11-07, 10:43 PM
Hi Ryan

Out of curiosity, the set screw inside the nose cone, is it turned with a hex key? If so, what size?

05-11-07, 12:21 AM
There should be one with each set of reeds.

Scarlet O'Hair
05-11-07, 01:29 AM
I assume it's like the Kinnairds...just wanna know what size to buy if I (when I) lose the one that comes with!

Ryan Canning
05-11-07, 08:18 AM

If you ever loose the key, just let me know and I'll happily send you a replacement. But should you want to buy one, the size is 3/32.


Scarlet O'Hair
05-11-07, 12:45 PM
Kewl :party:

I happen to have a couple of those kicking around! ( I keep one in my wallet, one in my pipe box...)