View Full Version : RIP Evel Knievel

01-12-07, 12:10 AM

01-12-07, 02:52 AM
I was sad to learn that today.
I was in awe with him when I was a kid.... I wanted to grow up to do the same sorta things... not something a Mom likes to hear from her daughter..... lol

RIP, Evil!
Your a Legend!

01-12-07, 03:21 AM
yea, he was one of the first trend setters!

I'm amazed he lived till 69, but he lived a full life and that's all any of us can ask!

01-12-07, 04:02 AM
evel who?

01-12-07, 04:41 AM
He was a legend, but was also part of the fabric and soundtrack of our life.

When I first heard this report, I was at work and it was unconfirmed, and I just reacted heartfelt and outloud.

Thank you, Evel Knievel, for showing us that if we believe in ourselves, risks, however crazy, are worth taking.

01-12-07, 10:49 AM
I used to have one of the wind-up Evel Knievel dolls on a bike. Used to ride it over ramps and pets and things. Broke most of the bones in his body. His son does the same thing now, must be in his blood.