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Dai Robb
22-05-06, 01:07 PM
Three old men are sitting around chatting, about their respective Toilet habits.
"The best thing that could happen to me" says the 80 year old, "would just to be able to have a good pee, I stand there for 20 minutes, and it dribbles and hurts, I have to go over and over again"
The 85 year old nods in agreement,"The best thing that could happen to me" he laments, "is if I could have one good bowel movement, I take every kind of laxative, I can get my hands on, and it is still a huge problem."
But the 90 year old is shaking his head
"Thats not my problem" he says, "Every morning at 6am sharp, I have a good long slash, And then at 6.30am I have a satisfying Crap too"
"So whats your problem?" Chorus the others
"Well". says the old man, "The best thing that could happen to me, would be if I could wake up before 7am."

An claidheamh soluis
22-05-06, 01:19 PM


Piper of Rose
22-05-06, 05:08 PM
most excellent

Dai Robb
22-05-06, 09:56 PM
It happens to us all, that why I have nursey to change my Nappies