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27-05-06, 10:03 AM
I really like Cranachan but the double cream is not too good for my waistline or diabetes, and I was wondering if anybody has ever tried creme fraiche, yoghurt or any other ingredient as a healthy alternative to the double cream.

If not maybe I will just have to experiment. :bg:

The original high calorie recipe follows:

Crannachan 4-6 People

3-4 ozs (75-100 g) toasted, sifted pinhead oatmeal
1/2 pint (250 ml) double cream
1 tablespoon whisky (or a tad more!)
4-6 ozs (120-140 g) soft fruit (raspberries, brambles, or Blueberries)

Toast the pinhead oatmeal in a dry frying pan on a high heat until lightly brown.

Half whip the cream, it should be fluffy but still soft, the oatmeal will thicken it.

Add about a table spoon of whisky to the mix. (drink any remainder of the shot of whisky)

Fold in the sifted oatmeal, then the fruit. Serve in glasses, decorated with more berries.

Enjoy (with more whisky!)