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09-10-08, 12:28 AM
Check out the blog at come2drum.com

A recording of Alex Duthart when he was down under in 1975, playing Donald Cameron on the pad! There will be more to come, this is amazing stuff! What a legend.

Also, there have been some more worlds recordings uploaded there!


09-10-08, 03:44 AM
Nice! I've got a similar recording taken at the Balmoral School at Guildford College, N.C., back around 1980. Its fun to listen to, 1) because of how well he plays and 2) the fact that even he messes up from time to time on beating that he wrote. He was an amazing teacher: patient, encouraging, and knew exactly what needed to be fixed and how to fix it.

Just as an aside, I still remember him nodding off during a chamber concert held by the faculty of a "strings" camp being held at the same time as ours. I didn't feel so bad about being so bored that I almost nodded off myself. And then there was the screeching violin solo that woke us all up.... we all left early.