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23-12-08, 07:36 PM
Simon Scarrow studied history, specialising in the Roman occupation of Britain before taking a job guiding tours around archeological sites. His books are similar to the style of the Italian author Valero Massimo Manfredi where a fictitious story is set against real events, with the feel that it could be true, even though it is fiction. This really brings a real insight of the day to day running of Roman Legions in the field, and a believable realism to the books.

The Eagle book stories are adventure stories really, with some gritty humour and a dash of history thrown in. Straight forward with not too many twists and plenty of action.

01-10-11, 04:56 PM
Not bad to reply to a post Three years later is it?
I have read a few of the Scarrow Eagle books and enjoyed them.
My problem is living in a little town with one [1] book store, it
is hard to get the series of books in order. I had the same problem
with Bernard Cornwell books. I have to make a list of what I need
to fill in the blanks and wait for a trip to 'the big city' to try and
fill the list. I recently received an E-Reader and that has helped
somewhat, but sometimes the older books in a series don't seem to be
available as e-books.