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30-01-09, 02:08 PM
Craig Wallace of Wallace bagpipes will be playing at the Park Avenue Hotel, East Belfast, on Friday 27th Feb' 2009.
Tickets available from Essay Musical Supplies E/Belfast.

For any of the N.Ireland members this will be a firsthand experience to see and hear one of the best new pipe brands on the market today.

Craig I'm sure will be on hand to answer any questions anyone has regarding the pipe.

There is also a drumming recital by two of N.Ireland's top drummers, young Gareth McLeish, FMMPB and the legend himself Andy Scullion.

Trade fairs and kilt makers will discuss their techniques regarding their various wares.

This will be an excellent with other forms of music also.

Good luck to my friend Craig and Gareth 'n hope they have a great night.
Pity I won't be there, leave fer Tayport 07:30 Fri' 27th.

essey musical
12-02-10, 04:21 PM
David here from Essey Musical.
Infor for Promotional Friday night 26th Feb.
Just turn up, no tickets needed, free entrance.
Marching Bands 7.30 to 8.30 approx.
Piping and Drumming starts in the 2nd part of the program about 8.30pm.
Pipers are Phillip Tasker and Scott Wallace SLOT. Craig Munro,Shotts. Alistair Murry, Ballycoan. Glen Cupples.
Drummers are JOHN Scullion, Gareth Mclees FM Montgomery, Bass Drum Chris Pollock FM Montgomery.
Display of all Pipe Band instruments and uniforms etc plus launch of Andantes Brand New Pro Bass and Tenor Drums.