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09-02-09, 05:38 PM
OK, so up till now, these reeds have been perfect...

Recently, however, one of the tenors has begun making a slightly raspy/buzzy almost whispery/rough tone... it still plays, but no longer makes that nice, bright crisp tone it once did...

nothing is loose, nothing under the tongue... and it does it whether I have played for 30 seconds or 30 minutes...

any suggestions?

oh, sent an email to Ryan already, no response but I figured he is busy, but I thought I might try the group here as well...

09-02-09, 07:15 PM
Where is it tuning on the tuning pin?. Sounds to me the tongue has sprug. How did you check there was nothing under there, ya coulda upset the reed setting?

Try moving the bridle ever so slightly towards the nose cone, this in theory should cure an over vibrating tongue. ( this is what it sounds like to me)

The settings on these, and all Tupperware reeds are very sensitive, even accidentally knocking them against the stock when replacing them can knock 'em off.

Sorry a can't be of much more help, but unless you can see / hear the reed a can only surmise this is the problem.


09-02-09, 09:12 PM
I blew in from the drone end... took a bright light to the tongue area...

I have them set pretty easy.... there is about 1/8 inch hemp showing..

the sound is almost like there is air getting past the tongue - sorta hissy....

I redid the hemp, reseated the reed, just redid the hemp on the drone.....

10-02-09, 02:20 PM
I'd take Redneck's advice on this one. It sounds like you need to adjust the bridle a bit and get back to us. Remember, a little bit of adjustment goes a long way.

Also...just a thought, if you blow harder or softer through the reed, does it make a difference at all? And...have you tried blowing just the one drone with the others corked off? If it's a tenor, have you tried switching tenor tops to see if it makes a difference? Could it be a loose bush?

Try sliding a dollar bill under the tongue to clean out any possible gunk under there...be careful not to spring the tongue though, you just want to slide the bill under it to remove any fuzz or stuff stuck to it.

10-02-09, 03:01 PM
they do wear out sometimes

10-02-09, 03:04 PM
I had a Wygent reed that started doing that. I found that I had probably knocked it on the stock as I put the drone back in. The tongue had the slightest curl backwards.

10-02-09, 03:35 PM
Hate to be an alarmist here...........but there could be a hairline crack in the drone somewhere.
Still think it's the reed though, as Phyx said, swap the reeds over 'n try it in the other drone, 'n visa versa wi the good reed, if it still has a rasping sound wi the good reed in....it's a drone problem, not a reed one.

Hope am wrong regarding the hairline fracture of the drone.


Scarlet O'Hair
11-02-09, 01:37 AM
Well if it is cracked, Ryan was busy making a new batch of reeds today...

11-02-09, 03:51 AM
Was he making new drones, too? I think the crack could be there, too.