View Full Version : Innovation London 2009 Launched

09-04-09, 03:20 PM
Innovation is delighted to announce the official launch of Innovation London 2009.

We have once again secured the attendance of some of the world’s finest pipe band percussionists to instruct bass, snare and tenor drumming. This year we have pleasure in bringing Mike Cole, Nathan McLaren, Doug Stronach & Lauren Bonnett to our faculty in addition to Drew Duthart, Jim Kilpatrick MBE and Tyler Fry.

We are also in the process of finalising our list of invitees for the Innovation London 2009 Invitational Drumming Competition, which promises to be another fantastic showcase of percussive excellence and showmanship not to be missed.

We are now accepting student registrations and ticket purchases from our Online Booking page.

Please watch for regular updates in the lead-up to Innovation London 2009.

Jim, Scott & Tyler