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01-06-09, 01:00 AM
Hey! Look at my super shiitake mushroom crop! They are suddenly growing like crazy! YUMYUMYUM!!!
Anyone have recipes to share???

01-06-09, 03:27 AM
As they said in the Spy Kids movies.... oh shitake mushrooms!!!! :bg:

24-09-09, 10:41 PM
Thai King Prawn & Chicken Green Curry with Noodles

Fresh King Prawns for two
Chicken Breast for two
Shitake Mushrooms
Thai Green Curry Paste
Coconut Milk
Fish Oil
Medium Egg Noodles
Fresh Corriander

1. In a saucepan, fry sliced onion in two tablespoons of Thai Green Curry Paste.
2. Add meat and fry until sealed
3. Add Shitake Mushrooms (halved)
4. Once vegetables al denté, add can of Coconut Milk and 1-2 tbsp of Fish Oil
5. Add Egg Noodles and cover saucepan until noodles soften and split from the block.
6. Mix the noodles into the sauce and meat and steam until noodles are cooked.
7. Add shredded corriander once cooking process is completed.
7. Serve equal portions and get pished!

Extra portions will keep for a couple of days in the fridge and will microwave.

24-09-09, 10:44 PM
Oh shitake :rotf: :rotf:

Jessie you knew I couldn't resist!

24-09-09, 11:58 PM
You're not as funny as you think, Dennis. :tap:

Thanks, Scott! Sounds delicious! It's about time to force-fruit the mushroom logs again, too! Perfect timing! And from a drummer! I can't believe it!:door:

25-09-09, 04:06 AM