View Full Version : wooden small pipe reeds chanter awfull!

vanella shake
23-06-09, 05:15 AM
so far in my small pipe chanter ive had severe problems with those wooden

reeds they dont last very long moiture gets in them and makes them

unplayable ive thrown out 2 already thats $90 out the tolit bowl even

with the dryer system in the drones i dont have to worry

too much about them their plastic or synthetic i dont know if theirs another

reed out there that doesent do that crap is their anyway i can get a small

pipe chanter reed for my naill engraved silver small pipes that wont cause

trouble like this? who makes them whats better and i wish to avoid wooden

ones now pipe major andy passaretti

23-06-09, 01:19 PM
Usually you have to use a custom made reed for every different set of small pipes.
Try this site I found

Are your reeds gurgling when they get wet or are they just dying?
I'm working on a new practice chanter reed that doesn't gurgle when it gets wet. So far so good.
I may branch out into cane practice chanter reeds small pipe reeds if I get good reviews on the PC reed. They haven't even been given out for testing yet so Allen Reeds won't be on the market for a bit.