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Default Canning Drone Reeds Rock!

I finally broke down and replaced my Shepherd SM90 drone reeds. After hearing so many good things about Cannings I decided to take the dive.
My first reaction upon opening the box was, "Wow those babies are nice!" The workmanship was very good. I couldn't wait to try em in about ten minutes flat I had taken my pipes out of the case, put em together, taken the old reeds out and removed the excess hemp to make the new Cannings fit in the reed seats. I had to test out the "plug and play" theory that follows Cannings. I blew each drone with my mouth to see how they were for starters. The bass and one of the tenors needed the bridle moved up a wee bit, but that dosn't affect how great the reeds are.
The moment of truth had come! I tapped the bag (more of a gentle shove actually)....... and they all came in together with a full sound, no squealing or double-toneing. After tuning the drones and playing them by themselves for a bit I relized the wonderful harmony that Cannings produce. I have never played cane reeds so I can't compare them to cane. I do however know a good harmony when I hear it. The Cannings have a solid sound. The bass is included in the harmony like it should be, and it dosn't stick out like it did with the Shepherds.
My over all oppinion is: I've found the reeds I'll be playing for years to come. My pipes sound great! My drones no longer shut off or sound like plastic. And I know there are people out there who truely want to make piping products that work and arn't just putting toys out on the market.
Ryan if you read this post I want to thank you for putting these on the market. I'll be recommending your reeds to anyone shopping around. Thank you so much for answering the questions I had. If you ever have an upgrade (I don't think it's posible to upgrade Cannings) I'll be buying them because you are on to something good. Oh! you can add Pipeline pipes to the list of pipes that work well with Cannings.
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