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Originally Posted by Daz Gregory View Post
For the record I wasn't questioning Gus's fiscal motives I was wondering about the RSPBA and wether they would get the hump with him over it.

I couldn't care less if Gus makes a few quid to cover costs etc...fair play to the guy. I've seen his stuff before so know that's it good quality uploads too. I also believe it was a fair enough question meant in the right way that was asked by Amorican ..



On the entry forms for the majors, the RSPBA state very clearly that all Audio and Visual rights remain their property (or words to that effect). However, I had a quick look at the solo drumming entry form and rules and I see that nothing like that is mentioned.

However, if someone who recorded the event decided to publish a DVD and put it on general sale, I'm pretty certain the RSPBA would try to put a stop to it. For me there's very little difference between selling DVDs and selling the right to access the videos online (the level of profit made is irrelevant).

I'm genuinely interested - that's all, and certainly intend no malice toward Gus or anyone that wants to use his site.

ps. We're currently getting everyone in our group to sign a sort of 'image rights waiver' so that we're legally covered to use photos and videos on our web site (which is being reworked) as well as other publications.

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