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Default Apps G3 Chanter Reeds - Review

Received the reeds today.

They were packed very well. This is big to me as I have received reeds in all types of ways - from envelopes with the reeds wrapped in tissue paper to my Williams Reeds which came well protected in a box layered with paper.

Anyway, the reeds were delivered in a padded envelope. Inside was a box, and inside the box was wadding and an small zip-lock with the two reeds inside.
The reeds were clearly marked with the pressure I specified, a 24 and a 28.
Chris gets major props for all of this. I expected no less and he delivered 100%.

Now to the reeds. While I have no way of verifying the pressure, I can tell right off that these reeds are easier to blow than my medium strength reeds.
What is unbelievable, is the tone is there. I have NOT compromised good tone (as some would have you believe when playing anything less than a medium-strength reed).

The reeds are playing well in both my McCallum and ColinKyo.

I'd like to mention both Chris Apps and Murray Huggins (ColinKyo) make a point that their products produce a really great piobaireachd high G. Well, I don't really know what that means...but I can tell you that with the marriage of the two, the stability of ALL the notes from top-hand to bottom is knee-slapping great.

I really hope a credentialed piper questions my findings and tries this combo for himself (or herself) and confirms my excitement.

I wish I had a way to give you pitch data and a recording. But I feel confident that Apps is doing a great job on the G3 reed.

I will give the reeds and chanters a bit more and let you know if anything changes. However, I am ECSTATIC!

By the way, Chris came through on the delivery. He is running a bit hard right now with a 3-4 week delivery time. I didn't know that when I ordered, but he accomodated my request to have these for this weekend's events. Please plan your purchase accordingly.
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Steve (14-03-09)
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Default Apps

Though Apps reeds of all kinds have received positive reviews for many years, he does make a fine chanter reed. His Cane drone reeds aren't bad either. Recently Chris has released his new chanter that has been getting rave reviews lately and I am in the process in obtaining one.

FYI: As of now I am using 3 chanters. Shepard ABW, Warnock poly and MacLellan poly. I can safely say that the Apps G3 did not fair too well with the Warnock. I got it to work, but wasn't satisfied with the tone or my high hand notes. The McPhee reeds tend to work a lot better. The G3 did better in the MacLellan, but not to my liking; there, I used a Ross medium. I have used Apps G3 and now a Shepard reed in the Shepard ABW chanter with positive results.

The new Apps chanter was more or less designed for the Apps G4 reeds (ridge-cut), but they do very well with the G3. I have also heard good reviews of the Kyo chanters. Looking into those too. Good luck with your reeds!
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SDowns (15-03-09)
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I have been using the Apps reeds now for two years. I have had great luck as has several band mates that have tried them. They did not do too well in a Sheppard Chanter. I use a Kron Medalist, and I have also used the Dunbar Elite II chanter. The Apps reeds both the G3 and G4 sound great in them.

I have had the good fortune to visit his shop, and select reeds from his stock. This was two years ago. Chris was great in helping me select the right strength for me. I convinced him to come to Stone Mountain Games in 2007, and he was back in 2008.

By the way the new Apps Chanter is made by Roddy MacLellan. I would love to hear more on how it sounds. I am sure it will always work great with Apps reeds.
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I too play with Apps reeds. I have a Warnock poly (band) chanter that doesn't really dig them but my AB McCallum chanter LOVES them. Chris offers great service and stands behind his reeds.
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With regard to Warnock poly chanters.

As I reedmaker I try and have all the common chanters on hand and available to set up reeds for customers.

My reed goes well in just about every chanter on the market, except the Warnock.....why?

Well, while playing with the Great Lakes Pipe band we used Warnock reeds in our McCallum band chanters and we always had certain issues with the Warnock reeds, particularly the top hand. Really really sharp high G's, chirping issues on the bottom hand, etc..... These results were very consistent across the board with Warnock reeds and we carved and taped our chanters to suit.

With this knowledge in mind it got me to thinking. So I plunked a good Warnock reed in the Warnock poly chanter and lo and behold, no problems. All the notes were very close, good sound and high pitch, nice top hand....all with no tape or mods to the chanter.

Thus I came to the logical conclusion that Warnock chanters have been specifically designed to use THEIR reed and thus the chanter corrects all the shortcomings with that reed. Thus it is very hard to reed up a Warnock chanter with a lot of makes of reeds out there.

BTW, I have some of EVERY reed from every reedmaker on the planet and I've tried a large number of various reeds in the Warnock chanter all with similar results.

So the fault here is not Chris' reed it's the Warnock chanter in general. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying anything negative about Warnock chanters or reeds. It just must be realized that the Warnock chanter was designed specifically in conjunction with their own reed, thus the two together are a great combination.

Every reed on the market will have it's own variables and characteristics, thus you must choose whatever reed and chanter combo you feel best suits your needs. But ALL reeds do not work well in ALL chanters, and this does not mean that those reeds or chanters are bad, just incompatible.

Hope this helps!


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